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Focus mainly on events management, organizing incentive trips and preparing hostessing promotions.

Since 1996 under our brand SOCIETY PRODUCTION we offer conceptual and strategic resolution of our client’s needs. Since 2001 the company has operated not only in the Czech Republic but throughout the European Union

Marketing events

‘Marketing Events’ are affective tools for the consolidation of the image of your company
and at the same time they give support to the promotion of your products and services.

We will provide you with a full service:

  • event conception, production and arrangement of program
  • selection of suitable locations
  • creative design, production and distribution of necessary materials
  • gifts, branding and POS materials professional, trained staff
  • catering and supporting services

Incentive trips

We will prepare for you an attractive incentive trip such as: a business meeting, workshop, a presentation, the celebration of a company anniversary, a motivational program, team building, or other program in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

We will provide you with full service:

  • concept of the event, arrangement of the program
  • selection of suitable locations
  • accommodation and catering services
    transport and logistics solutions
  • conference and technical facilities
    trained professional staff
  • promotional and graphic services
    complimentary programs

Promotions and hostesses

Our extensive database includes specially trained, attractive, and reliable hostesses who are bilingual and also specialised assistants that we will choose individually according to your specific requirements.

We will provide you with full service:

  • event strategy proposal regarding the target group
  • mechanics of promotion process
    selection of suitable logistics and sales channels
    design and provision of POS materials
  • production, organization and technical assurance of promotion
    personnel hostesses and assistants
  • consumer competitions and motivation programs
    reporting, controlling and evaluation

Indoor a outdoor promotions

We will arrange according to your specific requirements:

  • sales promotion
  • sampling & teasing
  • products and services presentation
  • merchandising POS, POP
  • equipment and branding of the salesroom
  • road show
  • mystery shopping

Customers events

We will arrange according to your requirements:

  • consumer competitions and motivation programs
  • discounts, company benefits, bonuses
  • gifts, prize draw
  • loyalty events
  • attendance of well known celebrities
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Since 2003 we have been providing full marketing and media servis to our clients within the whole CR. We are specialized on lease of CLV light displays and preparation of special tailor made POS products .

Lease of CLV light displays

We lease our own CLV light displays network in TOP trendy outlets like bars, clubs etc. This network contains 150 CLV displays within the whole CR.

Light displays stands are in format 117,5 x 185 cm.

Main target group young audiance.

Indoor and Outdoor

We provide complex full media servis for other indoor and outdoor media outles within the whole CR.

We focus mainly on lease of outdoor CLV displays in main shopping areas

We can also prepare and propose special media tools that are not very often used by clients.


We provide full media servis for internet advertisement on main internet sites within whole CR.

We also prepare complete process and adjustment of internet campains including web presentations


We prepare complete process and adjustment of sponsoring campains on TV chanells including production elaboration.

We can also prepare sponzoring of charity and sport events for our clients campains within the whole CR.


We offer a new measure of quality and very favourable price of promotional items to our clients.

In addition to catalogue products we also deliver tailor-made items to each client's requirements and luxury products of high prestige brands. You can order any product from European or Asian producers, in large volumes if necessary, delivered throughout Europe..

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It provides comprehensive services in the field of full service promotion to pharmaceutical companies with a focus on managing patient’s adherence to their prescribed treatment.

As specialists in the adherence industry, we offer under the brand HEALTH WINDOW conceptual and strategic solutions that help patients to identify and overcome obstacles to adherence with their prescribed treatments.


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BERMA distributes and represents international brands and develops promotional projects to build their brand awareness on the market

Distribution strategy is based on high quality products and knowing customers target group. Find out more on:


Heinz, Teakanne, HP sauce



Barebells protein bar






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